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Janitorial Services Like No Other!

Office cleaning is more than just mopping and sweeping floors! The countless developments in the industry have brought commercial cleaning to a whole new level, and no one wants to lag behind! Let Office Green Commercial Cleaning Services help you stay ahead of others. Combining experience and innovation, we can give your business that new, clean and professional look through our dependable and superior janitorial and office cleaning services.


Whether you are a small business, a large national corporation or a government agency, a well-maintained workplace is crucial for your success. Not only will a clean and fresh building provide a healthy work environment for both you and your employees, but this also boosts morale and increases productivity! Not to mention it builds an excellent first impression among your clients and guests, subsequently helping your business thrive and make more sales. If you want to stand out from the rest, Office Green Commercial Cleaning Services will do it for you.


Our janitorial cleaning services include general office cleaning, carpet care, floor care, window cleaning, building maintenance, construction, final cleaning and many more. We also provide one-time cleaning services under both normal and emergency circumstances such as a post disaster cleanup and locations like construction sites.


What sets us apart from others is our true dedication and passion in what we do. We want only what’s best for you. This being the case, we customize our services to meet all your residential, commercial and industrial cleaning needs. Every business or client has unique needs, so we will work closely with you to ensure that you get what you desire. Partnered with our expertise and experience, nothing can stop us from delivering exceptional janitorial services that will meet, if not surpass, all your expectations!


Let us work with you in creating a clean, impressive and healthy work environment that will exude professionalism and high quality services!


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What Type of Facilities Do We Services

A building or office that is not well-maintained can be likened to a face that is not given the proper care- it becomes unattractive in the long run. It is therefore crucial for a business to maintain a clean and attractive building that emits professionalism and high quality services at first glance. You don’t get a second chance to create a good first impression, so do it right the first time. With the services of Office Green Commercial Cleaning Services, you will surely be on your way to creating an impressive commercial property that is both clean, attractive and healthy.

  • Hospital and Medical Offices
  • Restaurant and Bar
  • Commercial Office
  • Corporate Facility
  • Industrial Facility
  • Manufacturing Facility
  • Educational Facility
  • Government Facility
  • Religious Facilities
  • Retail Facility
  • Financial Institutions