Go Green

Green Cleaning in Minneapolis MN

Eco-Friendly Cleaning Services for Healthier Living!

Our mission at Office Green Commercial Cleaning Services is to promote innovation, safety and green cleaning systems. This being said, we strongly believe that our uncompromising commitment to environmental sustainability greatly enhances such a mission, ensuring that our clients will receive nothing but the best cleaning service.

You might well be aware of the present condition of our environment , that it is going down a dangerous path of destruction. A lot of advocates and the general public have turned toward more eco-friendly living, a move which isn’t going away any time soon. Green cleaning is an environment-friendly way of cleaning that does no utilize toxins and harsh chemicals. For a service to be considered “green cleaning”, products and methods that are safe and eco-friendly should be utilized so as not to cause harm to the environment and the people in the surrounding area. These are all executed without compromising the quality of the work.


As a member of the US Green Building Council, Office Green Commercial Cleaning Services supports the sustainable provisions outlined by the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED).Our “green” technology helps conserve energy, water and labor, and immensely reduces the use of chemicals. We also provide products and services that are within the standards of Green Seal, a non-profit standard development and certification organization that promotes healthy and sustainable living.

As advocates of “worker safety”, we focus on systems that reduce risks and promote worker wellness. Our commitment to green cleaning services goes beyond the use of clean and safe products. We take steps to create healthy and eco-friendly standards and policies that are instilled in our employees and ensured to be implemented in every project we take on. If you want to have a cleaner and healthier environment, Office Green Commercial Cleaning Services is your trusted and reliable partner!

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